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Visual Studio power for your project

Harness the power of the Visual Studio debugger when developing:

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Debugging a Linux application

Start debugging in seconds

Debug any app without creating a project with Quick Debug:

  • Select a GDB executable and an application
  • Enter any advanced GDB commands interactively
  • Enjoy Visual Studio productivity
  • Easily step through auto-downloaded source code
  • Eliminate annoying routine with reusable quick debug presets

Native Android Apps made easy

The Android Edition makes NDK-based development easy:

  • Create new NDK-based apps with a 3-step wizard
  • Clone NDK samples to experiment with them
  • Build, deploy and debug Android apps from Visual Studio
  • Debug the native code with the Visual Studio debugger
  • Import NDK code from Eclipse ADT projects

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Full integration of GCC and GDB

  • Make Visual Studio projects for your GCC targets
  • Automatically import GNU make projects
  • Support Debug/Release configurations out-of-the-box
  • Save time with IntelliSense when developing embedded apps
  • Enjoy Visual Studio debugging experience while using GDB
  • Use the latest GCC with our pre-built embedded toolchains.

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Use a remote machine as a back-end

  • Use any Linux/MacOS machine as a host for GCC/GDB
  • Enjoy the mapped error/warning messages
  • Synchronize source files automatically
  • Import remote include dirs to use with IntelliSense
  • Run GDB remotely with our ultra-low-latency build server
Build server

Stay in full control

  • Customize GDB command line
  • Customize GDB startup commands
  • Send arbitrary commands to GDB at any moment
  • Customize source path mapping on-the-fly
  • Look under the hood - see all interaction with GDB
GDB Session Window

Automate complex build scenarios

  • Make custom build actions executed at arbitrary machines
  • Schedule custom source transfers
  • Receive files back from build machines
  • Specify how to interrupt inferior execution
  • Define different scenarios for different project configurations
  • Start/prepare GDB yourself and tell VisualGDB to take control
Custom actions